What is Mocodile?
Mocodileģ is a mobile content exchange service that uses patent pending technology that is unique and simple. An innovative entertainment content adaptation platform for content distributors and solution providers. The Mocodile Engine empowers real-time compression & conversion of audio, video, document and images. In addition, Mocodile is linked to a centralized database of cell phones' capabilities, so that it will be able to support the newest mobile devices right after they are released.
Mocodile works on the simple principle of creating multiple versions of the content and picking up the most appropriate item for delivery on the basis of the mobile phone that is asking for the content. It runs on servers running Windows. The Linux version will be launched in Q3 2008. Mocodile can easily be integrated into your infrastructure without unnecessary additional costs.
Mocodile was developed in the best Rarefindís philosophy of providing solutions which are user friendly and the same time pack a technological punch have been the keystones in developing Mocodile.

Benefits of Mocodile
Dynamic content transcoding and adaptation

Mocodile will take your images, wallpapers, videos and audios and make them compatible with specific mobile devices. Different transcoding strategies for managing the size and the formats of the produced content are applied based on mobile screen size and capabilities of receiving mobile.
Rich device database

Mocodile supports almost every mobile device and if does not, our engineers ensure that it will within a short period. Phone database is centralized with profiles of over 2000 mobile phones, which means that any addition or modification of an entry would be reflected instantaneously.
Can offer Content Protection if required

Mocodile offers you an ability to create secure content like watermarked images /videos.
Performance and scalability

A quad-CPU server running Mocodile can handle as much as 2-3 million* content adaptations and downloads monthly. You can add extra equipment to support higher download volumes and peak loads.
Ability to handle Advertisements

The Ad server management console will be made available to those clients desirous of inserting Ads in the content messages. These ads could be Plain Text, URL, Wipe, Banner, etc. The Ad server management console is accessible through the web and is made available at a nominal monthly rent.

Mocodile Based Applications
Mocodile Service

A free service based on our innovative Mocodile engine. You can try this out and start exchanging PC content with mobile phones. Click here to see Mocodile in action.

A Unique Customer Engagement Tool: A new and personalized interface between an enterprise & its customers thus enhancing customer experience. A tool that empowers the management to determine the pulse of the market quickly and efficiently. Click here to get more information & a demo CD.

Avalanche gives portals a cutting edge. A unique utility which allows seamless communication between portal and mobile, being agnostic to media formats. Net impact of this is that it creates a completely new edge to tap into the mobile subscriber market - both on the sender & receiver side. Click here to get more information & a demo CD.
Mocodile Lite

A closed-user group widget provided exclusively for Orkut users with almost all the functionalities of the full blooded Mocodile client. Mocodile is a friendly App to send FREE SMS, wallpapers, ringtones, Video Clips to your Orkut friends' mobile. Your Orkut friends can now send SMS to you even when you are offline! Click here to visit Orkut.