Mobile Technology Solutions

Mobile Branding
We assist clients in creating multimedia advertising messages which are tailored to meet the requirements of mobile phones both in terms of media size and carrier bandwidth. These multimedia messages are not only subtle but provide immense entertainment value for the receiver. Once these ads are created, we broadcast them to the target mobile consumers either through file downloading or streaming using our Mocodile engine.

Mobile Entertainment Channel
We also provide a channel for broadcasting software originally created for televisions or exclusively made for mobiles after repurposing to suit the receiving mobile. The delivery is done through video streaming.

Mobile to Mobile Content Messaging
Currently we are developing Mocodile Content Messaging client to support the following platforms -
  1. Windows Mobile
  2. Symbian OS
  3. Java
The beta versions should be available by Q3, 2008.

Ad Management Console
Mobile advertising solutions to meet your unique needs! Target the audience and device you want. Flexibility to select where your ad will run. This service enables you to easily serve ads collected by your sales team on to your wap site or mobile service without you having to build the serving platform. It also provides you a single point view of the performance of ads on your service. Reach millions of handsets with precision targeting. Engage your audience with high degree of interactivity.

Mobile Classrooms
Tailor made solutions have been provided to several companies who are using our services for in-house training and orientation through mobile phones. We also assist companies, who have teams that are geographically dispersed, in developing video content for training through our experts. It obviates the need for people to gather in a single room during productive hours.