Upgrade Policy

Major Version
  • May contain new devices for new document formats.
  • May contain completely Re-Designed components.
  • May contain several new features.
  • Paid upgrade.
  • Major versions are 1.0, 2.0, etc.
Minor Version
  • May contain bug fixes.
  • May be re-builds to support new versions of reporting tools.
  • FREE upgrade.
  • Minor versions are 1.01, 1.23, etc where .01, .23 indicate the minor versions.
FastReport Export Filters Version 3.0 was released on 15 September 2004. Customers who have purchased Version 2.x within the last 3 months will receive a FREE upgrade. A discounted upgrade will be offered to older customers. If you do not receive an E-Mail, please contact and mention your name, your company name and order number.